Let the grain reign

Alongside the Blackwater Distillery team, Peter Mulryan is putting over 30 years of research into the origins of Irish Whisky (and yes, that’s intentionally whisky without an ‘e’) to use to create mash bills  from years gone by. As a substantiated stance against the 2014 Irish Whiskey Technical File Peter and his team are making Irish whisky as it should be. Irish Grain, grown and malted - simple.  

The Manifesto Release is a rebirth of Irish Whisky. A two-part rigid secondary box is home to four 200ml unique flask-shaped bottles. A linocut fist and grain illustration lead the brand iconography, whilst scanned annotations and notes from Peter’s years of research are peppered across the pack exterior. 

Our icon created by Irish illustrator Steve Doogan, shows a fist holding the grain aloft, championing the most important component of the whisky.

The bottle labelling features the Dirtgrain Irish Whisky brand identity on a three-part illusion label. Foil accents add premium cues to the pack and sit alongside the brand’s unique mash bill recipes and flavour profiles.

Limited to 1000 packs only, the pack was released via ballot ahead of Christmas 2022 and via selected specialist retailers.

We have also taken the Dirtgrain identity across Whisky Cask Irish Stout for a limited batch release. 

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