Tobermory Distillery

Tasked with developing a visual brand strategy and creative platform for Tobermory Distillery, we looked towards the distillery brand home, Mull, for an ownable and true positioning.

With a vibrant community full of character and passion and the colourful harbour, Mull is undeniably unlike anywhere else in Scotland and boasts creativity and expression in abundance. 

From this, ‘The Art of the Hebridean Distiller’ was born. The passion for art in nature, which is not only reflected in the beautiful Mull landscapes but also in the distinctive spirits crafted at the coastal distillery forms the basis of our brand proposition.

'For those seeking artisanal spirits with passion for colour, diversity and creativity.’

Ledaig Single Malt Whisky

Tobermory Distillery produces another distinct single malt – the heavily peated Ledaig. Our task was to bring this malt closer in to the Tobermory range, while keeping its own unique character.

As Tobermory's fruity notes reflect the bright and colourful houses on the harbour front, Ledaig, with its sweet smoke and earthy notes, uses colour tones which reflect the rugged, naturally earthy landscape of Mull.

Oil paintings and art photography are used throughout both brands packaging and branding to bring alive the 'Art of the Hebridean Distillers' positioning.

We worked across each of the whisky ranges, setting up the brand world and visual brand strategy. From this, we created created the website design,  point of purchase and also helped theme, create and present brand launch events.

Our positioning underpins all aspects of Tobermory Distillery, from packaging to point of sale, advertising and events. 

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