Capturing Galway's Vibrant Latin Quarter 

Aiming to launch a new product to complement their existing portfolio Micil Distillery, based in Galway, Ireland, briefed us to bring alive their new Irish Whiskey Blended Malt.

Micil Distillery has a rich heritage, with over 170 years of experience crafting expectational Irish spirits. Our challenge was to remain true to this unique brand story but deliver a modern, vibrant and playful visual expression for a liquid that would resonate with a younger whiskey drinker.

Using the same bottle and unique label shape for connection with the brand’s existing whiskey offering, we embraced a colour palette reminiscent of the houses, banners, and flags seen within Galway’s Latin Quarter. With bold contrasting colours we achieved stand-out and vibrancy, capturing the bohemian nature of the City.

A hand-drawn, playful illustration of Galway’s iconic Long Walk lives within the label’s illusion secondary panel and visually brings alive the product’s namesake. Each comes together to deliver a youthful, modern and engaging label that stands apart from the traditional whiskey within the Irish market.

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