Graham's 'Healthier' Ranges

Graham's the Family Dairy were very quick to see the growing demand for healthier and benefit driven dairy products. This new category demanded modern presentation of products and moved away from traditional dairy category design themes and cues.

We agreed with Graham's that the existing core range was ‘naturally good for you’ in feel, but a different packaging design strategy was needed to allow stronger benefit driven branding for the new products launching in this new 'healthier' category. 

The results have seen the creation of the ‘Graham's Goodness’, ‘Skyr’ and ‘Protein’ ranges. Each is still strongly Graham's branded, but each have their own personality to convey health benefits and messaging.

‘Graham's Goodness’ uses the idea of the lightness of clouds to present a sub brand feel that offers consumers a range of low calorie ice creams and yogurts.

Graham's ‘Skyr’ is bold, graphic and colourful.

Graham's ‘Protein’ range has a strong and type led approach.

Flavour is at the heart of the brand. It runs through all visitor attraction touchpoints, as well as gin and liqueur ranges. The overall design is colourful, animated and lively whilst being delivered with real confidence.

Since opening in July 2019, the distillery is listed in Trip Advisor’s Top 15 things to do in Edinburgh, no mean feat given the wealth of attractions on offer in the capital!

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