Climate positive packaging 

As packaging design briefs for a climate positive, global product launch goes, this one certainly challenged us – in a good way!

Ellers Farm Distillery - a new distillery and visitor attraction in North Yorkshire - will very soon launch its first global brand, Dutch Barn Vodka.

Just another spirits launch you might think – until you learn sustainability is at the very heart of the distillery’s proposition, that it will be carbon neutral from day one, and is already in the process of applying for B-Corp certification®. 

Dutch Barn Vodka is evolved from 100% British apples balanced with a touch of potato spirit for a clean, crisp and yet incredibly smooth taste. The bottle is a distinctive brown colour that allows for a higher recycled content than clear bottles and is scientifically proven to protect the delicate nature of the vodka, ensuring that it tastes as good as the day it was bottled. The liquid clearly needed noteworthy packaging that upheld the brand’s multiple eco and sustainability criteria and looked premium.

Drawing on our extensive technical know-how and production insights, we designed and produced a solution with impressive sustainability credentials ensuring the material composition of every single element was sourced and selected for its climate positive attributes. Using a combination of 100% FSC untreated plywood and 100% recyclable and re-pulpable corrugate was only the starting point. Not only was the leaflet and wrap 100% tree-free and 100% compostable – it was also made using 100% green energy.

The finer details were also carefully considered resulting in the use of a specifically sourced plant-based adhesive glue based on corn and potato starch, and the tape used to seal the boxes being made from recyclable brown kraft paper that is fully biodegradable.  Working closely with Eastern Exhibition & Display, no technical or production stone was left unturned.

To top it off, we even used an eco-courier solution for delivery that uses a carbon offset tree-planting scheme!

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