Bunnahabhain Fèis Ìle

Fèis Ìle is the Islay Whisky Festival – the Glastonbury of the whisky world! Bunnahabhain Distillery is at the helm of the island’s celebrations of the people and of course the amazing Islay whisky itself.

They reward those who make the arduous pilgrimage to the distillery with unique events, tastings and an annually specially selected edition of Bunnahabhain Single Malt. Until now these releases were only available to those attending the event, however, the distillery team wanted to share these releases and allow everyone to experience the specialness of Bunnahabhain.

This addition to the Fèis Ìle range needed to reflect the core brand look and feel, whilst standing as a range on its own.. A paired-back but premium design was created. A clear but simple badging of the year sits under the core brand in a celebratory banner/ribbon device. This is supported by the personally signed tasting notes capturing the flavour of each edition. Each secondary tube reflects the bottle dressing, whilst also proudly featuring a representation of Islay and signalling the location of the distillery on the map.

The initial range of three whiskies each with their own unique characteristics are dressed to connect visually whilst elevating their premiumness through additional production details and finishes.

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