Blacks of Kinsale

Blacks of Kinsale are a growing brewery and distillery in Kinsale, Co. Cork. Their latest release of three whiskies is strongly influenced by the craft beer scene and aims to challenge traditional whiskey flavours.

A strategic brand review was carried out and the positioning of ‘Flavour Mavericks’ was decided upon. This gave us a strong creative platform to build upon. 

Working alongside brand owners, Sam and Maud, and Damien at Futavista we developed both a bespoke bottle and label design to bring their new positioning alive. 

We needed to escape the mundane of the mass market and push the boundaries of what Irish Whiskey could be, as well as take ownership of an edgy space within the market.  The normal whiskey cues did not apply here. 

Our inspiration came from the vibrant streets of Kinsale and the inherent act of rebelling. Our labelling is off centre and unexpected and the bottling is embossed with crow feathers to reinforce the core brand identity. 

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